Interracial Coupling

by Ancient Crux

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released January 1, 2009

Recorded by James Tyler Haran at Cuddle Cave
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound
Art by Part & Parcel



all rights reserved


Ancient Crux Murrieta

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Track Name: Coupling
Carved it in the skin on the back of your hand.
The style that you saw was your favorite brand.
I never thought I'd have to see a thing like that.
If you and me and this ghost makes three, then why can't we have an anniversary?
I thought I'd hear a thing like that.
I saw you lookin' pale while you're sitting in jail,
you were just laughin' and waggin' your tail.
I never thought you'd go and do a thing like that, never thought you'd go and do a thing like that.
Track Name: Vanisher
I woke up to an awful sight. I couldn't tell if it was day or night, the light was dim, held a lantern to my face, in a mirror, everything was being erased, my arms were slowly fading away, my legs, they were just fading away and I'm waiting, waiting just to vanish now, waiting to vanish now. All that I see, exits me. All that I love burns charcoal grey clouds above, all I once held, crumbles and melts, all that I see exits me.
Track Name: In Teen Dreams
You were in my dreams tonight.
In dreams I felt more real than my waking eyes,
and I woke to find these lonely sheets,
the lingering scent of your hair.
My hands craved to wrap themselves around your waist, cheek to cheek.
In dreams upon an endless beach, we'd dance where the sun bows and sleeps.
Thin light on the ocean, light on the ocean.
Your eyes are the ocean, your eyes are the sea.
I wait for a taxi cab to come and drive me away amongst these dreams.
Track Name: Strange Situation
We were born into the same bed,
peeled back the skin from our happy homestead.
Your precious youth is rapidly aging.
Portray yourself to be so deserving.
You're egocentric, full of rotten feelings.
Your precious youth is rapidly aging.
This is a strange situation.
Track Name: M/B/D/S/A
Track Name: Pressure
Push and pull, you push and pull at my severed limbs.
Pressure's building, pressure's building it never ends.
Toss and turn, I toss and turn, I cannot sleep.
Sitting in my bedroom piled up into a heap.
I can't take much more, passing out on tile floors.
Forces trick my head at night, never seems to work out right.