West Coast Tour 2011 CS

by Ancient Crux

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released July 18, 2011

Recorded by James Tyler Haran



all rights reserved


Ancient Crux Murrieta

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Track Name: Magnifying Glass
Precious Mistakes
I could count hundreds.
Match their shapes, to study them...
Puzzles in place
Burned into the building
Match those shapes
the ones you recognize.
Only now would you allow anybody to push you around?
I'd count it out.
Repeating mistakes over and over
Push them in my way and make them mine.
I see it in your eyes , you're always hoping for some shelter from a precious mistake you must've made.
The ugliest wave of paralyzing distance forms its frame to recognize all the sick ways you hold me in a microscope for every mistake I've ever made.
Track Name: Terms To Control
Call me up, use me up, I'm at your disposal.
Pressed thin, crawling right out of my skin, I can't take much more.
Old lines used to remind us to get together.
Trading eyes, all day and all night, through the passers-by.
Approaching hands, closer we stand, want to "get to know you"
Tell you why I think that you should divide yourself in two.
A social charade of dips in the grade meant to push me closer.
Call me up, please use me up, I'm all yours.
I don't want to push into the dark but you control everything that I do.
Buckling Pressure
Time is torture
Ephemeral, it's nearly over.
Burning flames too cold to maintain, like an old casino.
A peering plane, the public display really says it all.
Fitting us in, tire tracks of skin all across my body
Stripped and seethed, content to concede
I'm all yours
I don't want to push into the dark but you control everything that I do.
Buckling Pressure
Time is torture
Ephemeral, it's nearly over now.

Let them tremble
They will shake out every curtain call.
Nursing every energy to let the curtain fall.
Track Name: Purgatory
Shattered stilts, broken clocks, fields of mines.
Clip the wings of doves and ravens, dimly cloaked in white.
Fear is a blessing, don't grow up, you'll regret when you were young.

Don't you know I bring the bad news every time I come?

Angry words turn to shame and guilty lines
Burn the wick at both ends now, you feel the fading light.
Turn me into anyone, I'll be the one who's right

Don't you know I bring the bad news anytime I'd like?

Empty halls, dried up creeks and riverbeds.
Nothing here is up-and-running, gracefully half-dead.
Don't believe in your former thoughts, they're scattered,

No one with you in the dark.

Don't you know I bring the bad news everytime I talk?

Reaching out for nothing tangible 'cause it makes you feel like you're the one they want.

Stoically supported by your inner thoughts...
Those you lost...

How come you're not ashamed of what you are?
Track Name: Cauterize It
You asked me everyday how I felt
Penny for my thoughts
But your change remains unpaid now
All it does is rot.

I can taste your soft embrace but
I can't erase the thought that turning over a new leaf must be easy 'cause you always get what you want, and I don't cauterize it.

Burn your flesh to heal your wounds now
You're only left with the scars.
Sequence of pictures that rest in my head
I'd like them all to get lost.
People come and then go away again, each and every time

People come, and then go
Then they're back again
I don't mind

People say that you're one in a million, but
they mean that there's millions more
Bounce around from person to back again
Play the field with your arms crossed open, and cauterize it.